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Housing Programs

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is not a charity or a give-away program. Habitat for Humanity builds houses with Citrus County families in need. Volunteer labor is used to build houses to keep building costs low for Habitat families. Partner families pay a small down payment and a monthly mortgage payment. They also invest hundreds of hours of their own labor-sweat equity-into building their own houses and the houses of others. HFHCC is the mortgage lender, therefore as Habitat homeowners pay their mortgages the money goes into a revolving fund that helps build houses with other families right here in Citrus County. HFHCC gives 10 percent of contributions to help build houses in other parts of the world.

Are You Eligible for a Habitat House?  

  • Is your family in NEED of decent safe shelter?
  • Do you have a steady income and ABLE TO PAY back the no-profit, no interest mortgage?
  • Are you WILLING TO PARTNER with our affiliate by dedicating sweat equity hours toward the program and your house?

Deposit – $2,000 which can be paid out on a plan.

  • Attendance in a 10 hour home training course conducted by HFHCC.
  • HUD Guidelines require eligibility for SHIP funding and attendance in First Time Homebuyers classes delivered by Citrus County.
  • 500 Sweat Equity Hours.

For more info contact:
George Rusaw
(352) 563-2744

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